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Frequently Asked Questions

I have more than 2 dogs, can you photograph them all?

Absolutely. I love getting to photograph mutliple dogs. Keep in mine this does bring its own set of challenges. It will be harder to capture certain looks - especially if the pups do not have solid sit/down stays. You may need to book more than 1 session to make sure we have enough time to get a picture of everyone.

What if my dog is fearful or scared?

If you're wanting to do a studio photo shoot, I definitely encourage a regular session vs a mini shoot. Mini photo shoots are must faster paced and only last 20 minutes. Regular sessions will last about an hour, which gives us a lot of time to help make your pup more comfortable. If an outdoor session, I have a lens that will allow me to be quite a distance away from you & your dog - so hopefully this will make your dog more comfortable. We can also visit places they are most comfortable.

Should I make sure that my dog is tired first?

More times than not, no. Being a model can be exhausting and if they are already tired they may be harder to photograph. I also would love nothing more than to capture their true, crazy personality!

Will my dog be the only dog at our session?

For studio sessions absolutely. I make sure to schedule sessions so there isn't any over lap, I also make sure there are no personal dogs on the property. For outdoor sessions we will try and find locations that are a little more secluded. Of course when using public parts this cannot be guarunteed and we will sometimes run into other humans/dogs/wildlife.

What if my dog cannot be trust off leash?

That is perfectly okay! We will have long lines/slip collars available to utilize. We will do our best to photoshop out any leashes/humans in pictures - but do keep in mind that sometimes that may not be an option.

What if my dog doesn't have a stay/wait command?

Of course knowing sit/down stays are extremely helpful they are not required. Pictures will more than likely be more candid/action type vs posed. But still equally fun and beautiful. We will do out best to work with the personality your pup brings to the table the best that we can.

How do I receive my pictures?

You will receive all of the final pictures via a Google Drive. From there you can save them, print them and/or share them as you want. Some sessions may only have a small handful of pictures (mini studio sessions). Outdoor sessions may have 20-30 photos.

Can humans be in the photos as well?

Absolutely! In some of the session my main focus is capturing beautiful images of your pets, but I would love nothing more to also capture the special bond that the two of you share. Make sure to let me know ahead of time that you would also like to be in a few photos as well.

How do I pay?

I accept multiplie different forms of payments. Cash, check, Paypal & Venmo.


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