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Training can be hard & frustrating, teaching our dogs to understand human life can be challenging - which is where I come in. I will help you understand body language, how your pup is thinking & ways to speak dog without actually speaking dog.

Just like human children it is our job to show our dogs how to exist in the world through daily living. Also just like humans most dogs need extra curricular activities & hobbies to keep their minds & bodies fresh.

Here at Rush Pack Dog Training I strive to help you develop a better, more long lasting relationship with your dog. I help to find ways for you to connect with your dog at their level (think mental & physical stimulation) while also finding ways to help your dog connect with you on your level (through boundaries, rules & structure).

I want to help you find ways to have fun with your dog, to truly bond with them while also setting appropriate rules & boundaries

No two dogs are alike just as no two households are built the same, which is why I provide custom training programs to fit your specific needs.


One on one training sessions, customized to fit your training goals. In building, public locations or in your home.


Great for a busy life or someone who needs a little extra help laying the foundation. Your dog stays in the trainers home for 4+ weeks; learning all the things.


Learn more about why I became a trainer. Also learn about the dogs behind the name.


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