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Meet the Trainer


I have always had a heart and passion for all things animals and I knew that one day I would have several dogs - maybe not 8, but at least 3 or 4.


Thanks to my first German Shepherd (Saige), I found the complex, ever evolving world of dog training. I was perplexed by all it's hidden secrets and the endless possibilities. There is always something new to learn, new methods to try and ways to better bond with our dogs.


I obtained my first training certificate through Animal Behavior College in August of 2017 and became a professional dog trainer that following September. I opened my training facility in Grain Valley January 2018 where most of my private sessions & the occasional group class take place. 


What having multiple different dogs in the house has taught me is, that no two dogs are alike. Each dog has their own personalities, quirks and ways of learning. I love figuring out how to adapt my approach to make sure everyone understands what I am asking and is living their best life.  I would not be the trainer I am today without my pack of crazy pups.


2020, although being an insane year, opened up the world of dog sports for me and part of my pack. We found our love & passion for dock diving! We currently compete regularly all over the Midwest and even went to the DockDogs Worlds Championship in 2022. We also enjoy dabbling in disc dogs, ACK scent work, narcotics/explosive detection, personal protection and IGP/PSA.


My knowledge for all things training continues to grow and develop and I never stop seeking out new information - through online courses and training seminars.


I love being able to share my knowledge & experiences with others and help create an amazing relationship between human & dog.

Meet the Pack

To learn more about the pack, their achievements and adventures, visit the below link.



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