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Not all dogs do well with standard boarding facilities. Because of that I offer a structured boarding experience for your pup, customized to fit their specific needs. Great for dogs who need their own time in the yard, are nervous or not accepted by big facilities due to being intact.

Boarding dogs will stay in my home in my finished basement. If they are social they may get to spend time in the yard with my personal dogs as well as other boarding dogs - this is subject to each dog as safety comes first and foremost.

All boarding dogs are required to be kennel trained and we may ask that you bring their kennel with them.


Consultations take place at my training building in Grain Valley, MO.

These 60 minute sessions give us the chance to get to know one another and discuss what your dogs boarding experience may look like. 



$40 night ($20 per additional dog)

$250 a week ($125 per additional dog)

Add ons:

  • $80 a day for additional training

  • $20 for a bath & blow dry (per dog)

  • $10 nail trim

Things you may need to bring:

  • Food (we recommend a couple extra nights just in case)

  • Kennel (all dogs MUST be kennel trained)

  • Bones to chew on (NO rawhides)

  • Bedding/toys as long as they won't destroy it

  • Training collar (if you have one)

  • Any medication or special needs


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